Sitemap - 2022 - Nora Loreto

Happy Birthday to this Substack

Are you looking for a Christmas present?

How many people died in institutions from COVID-19?

Education support workers' strike, Sandy and Nora live and COVID reporting

Duncan Kinney vs. the Edmonton Police

Will the BC NDP DQ Anjali?

Who kills police?

New podcast, live show in Montreal

Should someone accused of sexual assault be allowed to fight his charges before he is charged?

Quebec's election-period free speech problem

Canada has surpassed 45,000 COVID-19 deaths

Police Won’t Stop The Harassment Of Journalists. Here’s What Can.

Twitter Spaces live - talking healthcare, transit and the CAQ

A Quebec Special

Leftwing activists are responsible for rightwing violence?

Lana Payne smashes through the glass factory ceiling

No. 19 - Our COVID summer

Some abortion content

No. 18 - the slowest decline

No. 17 - For jail, life once again means 25 years

No. 16 - collecting Twitter bans

No. 15 - Ontario Election coverage

No. 14 - COVID deaths in Newfoundland and Labrador -- who died where?

No. 13 - A 2022 Budget Roundup

No. 12 - Does the Conservative leadership race even matter?

No. 11 - WorkSafeBC has paid out 14 COVID-19-related death claims

The silenced voices of COVID-19

No. 9 - Workplace deaths in Quebec due to COVID-19

No. 8 - Where is labour?

No. 7 - Saskatchewan's missing deaths

No. 6 - More than 19,000 people have died in residential facilities in Canada due to COVID-19

Ontario stopped unanounced inspections within long-term care in 2020

No. 4 -- Canada surpasses 31,000 deaths

No. 3 - Child vaccinations lag -- why were they not given in schools?

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