You were one of the despicable racist asswipes who joined the chorus promoting the story of IDF soldiers raping and killing women in the Shifa hospital, as well as siccing their dogs on bodies in the rubble. It takes a real Jew hating bitch to go there, so good on you, for making it obvious to your speckle of followers. Keep it up you dirty wench.


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Jesus Darren, maybe it's time to switch to decaf.

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Thanks Nora, but I feel morally obligated to denounce you and your deeply disturbing diatribes. You were on my radar since the Humboldt days when I took a special interest in you, frankly I thought you had to be autistic or asbergy or something. To learn you are really just a despicable trashy bigoted woke woman who intentionally lashes out at victims of tragedy and/or Jews, well...It takes a special brand of antisemite to push nonsense like the Shifa rape stories. Any reasonable human being would have immediately dismissed such blatant propaganda while it takes a special kind of indiscriminate sloppy a-hole to ride the coat tails of such trash propaganda for her own journo-glory-hits sake.

So count on reading more from me, if that's okay with you?

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