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This is good. It has that crackle a good piece should have. I was sucked in immediately.

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it’s a great ‘take’ .. and I do remember the day I first ‘read your immediate alarm’

In our little families.. we got by OK.. though my son & fam with pre toddler

all came back from Mexico & came down with obvious symptoms

We attended a Gord Lightfoot @ Massey Hall with The Good Brothers opening

just before a concert shutdown.. or an in between shutdowns

The entire Band save one got Covid on the road in the US of A !

We read ‘The Premonition by Michael Lewis..

and we followed the evolving bouncing ball of Medical Science

because it’s the ‘Best Practices’ to do so..

& here we are.. so far so good eh ! 🦎🏴‍☠️

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This is a fine piece of writing.

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heyyy thanks

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