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Seeing the idiotic way in which many people are forced to live their lives, with a solid wall of delusion constructed to be placed between them and their true suffering, causes me to feel a sense of joy at the point of death. The suffering of these delusional sentient beings would come to an end. As that takes place, as their energy ebbs away, they might for the briefest, and possibly most helpless, of moments catch a sight of truth but will be absolutely powerless to do anything at all about it. That wall of delusion may disintegrate with all of their suffering and attachments of this lifetime, but only at the point where there was absolutely nothing that they or anyone else could do about the truth of their greed, ignorance, and delusion.

I have read Buddhist descriptions of the improbability of a human rebirth where the odds are given as similar to a small round buoy floating on a massive ocean, with a single turtle that floats to the surface every now and then. The probability of a human rebirth is similar to that turtle poking its little head through the small round buoy. To have taken a precious human rebirth and to waste it on greed, ignorance, and delusion while never ever connecting with your own true suffering, and then having a couple of taps on a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen signify your end seems like a different universe entirely upon considering where and how the life began.

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