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What's the difference between Canada and casteist India, which pretends to be upset and dissatisfied having to even recognize the existence of the world's longest running genocide and those affected by it? What's the difference between Canada and China, a state that implements genocide outside of its borders in a supposedly "clean" Singapura (an island-state which has difficulty cleaning its own streets, dark-skinned Bangladeshi migrant labor does that, or construct its genocide wonderland, also dark-skinned migrant labor - both considered vocations beneath the majority racist, colorist, anti-Black Chinese) - a choreographed performance of democracy to appease whoever, with little to no actual depth to the population, and especially not the leadership by which means one might identify tactics and strategies attempting to undermine democratic institutions while all looks fairly normal and regular on the surface. For all the bullshit about unit tests, regression testing, load testing, etc. for software, democracy seems to be taken for granted as though it would be infallible and unimprovable because it was created by Only The Best Race Ever. This is a country which values ignorant, greedy, selfish, delusional people who can normalize any and all violence & suffering, e.g, Hindu/Brahmin Patriarchal Casteists. How could any non-violent, non-attached, peaceful student of Buddhadhamma compete, or even have their voice heard at all.

I attended the Enough Is Enough kickoff event on Saturday 25th March 2023 in Kitchener. While there were enthusiastic sounds generated by the audience, and one audience member who seemed to have serious questions/concerns to raise, the level of suffering which seems to have led to "enough is enough" is one which can be solved by 1130am (incidentally the duration for which the space had been rented). Is it really at "Enough Is Enough" when the leadership seems to know exactly what the problem is and how to solve it, like they had listened to every single one of the concerns, that there were no voices left out, and that everything that had to be engaged in could be wrapped up by 1130am on that blustery, windy, rainy, cold, damp Saturday? I took the 20 back home afterwards. The bus developed a coolant leak and sat still at Victoria & Fischer-Hallman for about half an hour while the handful of passengers waited for the next bus - surely a little more discussion could have been engaged in on that bus for the price of a bus ticket. Would that have sorted out the issues and problems? I don't think so, but it would have been a little more than what was little more than politicians and leadership pretending like they know all of everything that is going on in the regions under their responsibility.

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