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You are so right that “There is no working class under these conditions at all”, virtually (because of course there is, really). In Canada the idea is replaced with “middle class”. No other “class” is ever mentioned. So in effect, or rather virtually, we have ONLY one class. The rich are envied or mocked like overrated celebrities, the poor are pitied or avoided. Problem solved—until the tent encampments get in the way. I find hope in the fact that neoliberalism is not locked in globally. We need to look to and speak to our so-called “enemies” (the US gives us the list) about paths forward.

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Oh, Nora. You are trying to make sense of the world with terms that have been so over used they have lost all meaning. I find the problem with discussing what is going on in the world right now is that people need to get rid of old subjective concepts and and take a new look at the forces at work. And, invent terms which better describe them.

“Fascist” is the prime example of a term that means something different to everyone of every different political tendency. As soon as anyone goes outside and waves a sign, or yells a slogan while in a group, they are ‘fascists’ to their opposites.

I have a little project going on of defining political ideologies in a more useful way. One of these days I will drop it. It will probably get completely ignored.

I think the prime dividing line is between the ideological and practical. This cuts across left, right, and center. No, I am not one of these, “I am not left or right, I am forward” types of twits.

The divide is between those on the one side who are mentally normal and want a secure and provident society in which to live a decent life. On the other side are those with various forms of mental impairment who cannot be happy with anything, think nothing is wrong with them, and need some sort of ideology to hold their world together, give them something external to blame for their internal problems.

Non ideological people from the left, center, and right can find ways to get along and achieve common goals. They are just different personality types with different tendencies; to enhancing possibility, to making sense of things, to having a secure and predictable environment.

When these tendencies get neurological and ideological, they become; need for impossible perfection, need for detailed control of language and behaviour so no one feels upset, and rigid hierarchy where everyone feels part of the group and do not have to think and be responsible for their actions.

If we had a stable and non ideological society, ideological people could be kept under control and kept calmed down, prevented from gaining power to cause trouble. Trouble comes from powerful interests who are competing for control. They can exploit these unstable personalities to create political movements against each other and against the better interest of society.

The special interests divide into two broad categories in present day societies; the industrial capitalists and the financial capitalists. These are what constitutes a ruling class. They are based on not only intergenerational transfer of wealth and privilege, but special types of cognitive disorders.

There are some disturbing studies of these classes which suggest that the cognitive problems are passed on by intergenerational child abuse, or genetically. Whatever the cause, they divide into two tendencies.

One is based on industrialism and nationalism. The other is based on control of the “FIRE” sector of the economy, and on suppressing nation states and ethnic identities. Industrialism is more ‘right’ based, Finance more ‘left’ based, but they can both exploit ideologicals throughout the spectrum. There will never be a peaceful world until all these people are disempowered.

While these people’s conflicts rage on, there remains the public’s interest. Sane, non ideological people, left-center-right, try to keep civilization going. I think the reason it is so hard to finally get rid of the sociopathic interests and the ideological ying yangs they mobilize, it is that these people will do absolutely anything to avoid losing power.

It is hard for normal people to gain freedom from people who could not function in a normal world. They are nothing without ideology and privilege. They would be at the bottom of a normal society. So they fight to the death to maintain their dominance.

So there is my quick run through about a useful definition and labelling of political ideologies. Present labels; fascism, neoliberalism, socialism, have become kind of useless.

Oh, yes. Certain labels; Nazism, Zionism, Anarchism, Dominionism, still have meanings. They can denote specific political cultures with a common origin and characteristics.

You’re Welcome. https://adultsincharge.blog/

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Where are we with Sortition as a mode of governance? Wouldn’t this be a way to bypass the stranglehold that capital has on power?

I can imagine a citizens assembly replacing the senate and Canadians on all parts of the spectrum learning, discussing and deciding on a good course for Canadian legislation.

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That was a lot of work to draw our attention to barbarism's approach, comrade.

How 'bout reviewing Clara Zetkin's analysis from 1930 that led to the founding of the OG Antifa movement?

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Dear Diary,

I just figured out why no one takes me seriously, but it’s not my fault. One day, everyone will come to realize how smart I am, and how wrong they all were.



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