To paraphrase something I read recently, we are not going to vote our way out of the present dilemma. NDP will not be reformable. It had been very thoroughly bullet proofed against that. I do not know if a new party built around a serious socialist program will be able to get through the perception control machinery. However, we cannot rely just on that.

What impresses me is that more people are coming around to the idea of a mass social movement. The problem is, it has to have a clear and fully worked out vision of what needs to change. Yet if it deals with the real problems, most people will be initially very hostile to it. The motivated minority behind it will have to be capable of pushing ahead against intense suppression.

I think people talking about the need for a social movement need to understand just what that implies. The present establishment is not just going to give up and go away. Things will get rough; that is guaranteed. Not a job for church ladies.

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excellent points about the limits of social democracy. I agree with you. Time to organise. But where are the unions, where are the church ladies, where are the tenants associations -- not in NS.

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