It’s not often that Nora and I have political views in common, but on this one, I agree wholeheartedly with her take. Being in the room matters to get the sense of what takes place. Excluding people who disagree with you is petty and small. One wonders what they are afraid of. Hope you get in and find out Nora.

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When Harper executed his Hostile Takeover of PCPC via Peter McKay screwing David Orchard over

he did so to Re-Brand & ‘auto capture’ approx 1/3 of Canada’s ‘Always Vote The Party’ ‘conservative’ voters..

and yes at seventy one I remember the 2011 Live & Robocall Election Fraud in extreme detail

Does anyone including you believe Version #X of Jenni Byrne’s War Room has anything less on offer this time ?

Partisan MainStreamMedia is already Embedded & churning Propaganda Misinformation Disinformation daily

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