I believe the best way for average workers like myself to avoid/manage/identify the constant assault of propaganda we are exposed to via the little black box in our pocket is to ditch the silicon valley socials.

I know many will speak out against this but since taking this step myself I am far better informed because I now spend time investigating strands of the web I never would have discovered if I had remained a receptacle for the handful of algorithms designed to exploit me rather than benefit me.

Of course, I understand that as a journalist, activist, and organizer, your in a very different place, but I think this may be a channel worth investigating.

Thanks for what you do. So much more to say but I'll wait till you and Sandy make it back to London,ON in the future. This old worker is looking forward to that.

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A book about Canada?! But I thought you were an expert on the Middle East and a social media pundit on Israel/Palestine relations? Wow Nora how do you ever keep up on such a wide swath of international news and information? You're amazing. Keep up. Looking forward to finding your next best seller on the shelf next to Naomi Klein.

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